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ResourcesThe Oregon SIC has developed a "Sustainable Forest Practice for Landowners in Oregon" The Oregon Conservation Strategy is an effort to use the best available science to create a broad vision and conceptual framework for long-term conservation of Oregon's native fish and wildlife, as well as various invertebrates and native plants.  The Conservation Strategy emphasizes proactively conserving declining species and habitats to reduce the possibility of future federal or state listings.  It is not a regulatory document, but instead presents issues and opportunities, and recommends voluntary actions that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of conservation in Oregon.  Many of these strategies related to forestlands are practiced by companies that adhere to the SFI program and are embedded in the concepts of sustainable forestry.  Learn more or download a copy of the Oregon Conservation Strategy at http://www.dfw.state.or.us/conservationstrategy/ 
The Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) was created by the Oregon Legislature in 1991 to improve public understanding of the state's forest resources and to encourage environmentally sound forest management through training and other educational programs for forest landowners. OFRI is an excellent source for anyone who wants to know more about the social, environmental and economic components of sound forest stewardship.  Forest facts, publications, education and tour information are just some of the topics that can be found at http://www.oregonforests.org/. 

SFI Certified Forest Area (Acres)     3,748,130
ATFS Certified Forest Area (Acres)     847,908
SFI + ATFS Combined (Acres)         4,596,038

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