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Enhancing Biodiversity

The Oregon Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee (Oregon SIC) has collaborated with the California, Washington, Idaho, Montana SICs, and Cafferatta Consulting to scope for species of plants, animals and natural communities that are globally ranked by Nature Serve as either G1 (Critically Imperiled) or G2 (Imperiled) species (Conservation Status Categories | NatureServe Explorer). The results have been sorted by state, ecoregion, and general habitat type. Using this categorization and the expert advice Certified Wildlife Biologist Fran Cafferatta, management guidelines have been included on the ecoregion fact sheets that if implemented during sustainable forestry operations would help promote and support the G1 and G2 species found in these habitats.

These fact sheets have been completed to support SFI Certified Organizations working and doing business in Oregon. This informational work product satisfies two elements of the 2022 SFI Forest Management Standard (FM); Objective 4, Performance Measure (PM) 4.1, Indicators 1 and Objective 13 Training and Education, PM 13.2, Indicator 1c.

This informational work product also satisfies two elements of the 2022 Fiber Sourcing Standard (FS); Objective 1 Biodiversity in Fiber Sourcing, PM 1.1 Indicator 1 and PM 1.2 Indicator 1 and Objective 6 Training and Education, PM 6.2, Indicator 1.

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Blue Mountains
Cascades - East
Cascades - West
Coast Range
Columbia Plateau
Klamath Mountains
Northern Basin & Range
Willamette Valley

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